arquitectura institucional

Institutional architecture. A library is a good example of institutional architecture. Ubuild is at the service of the different institutions. Maximize the value for investment in institutional architecture. Ubuild allows for making a public building in a fast way and avoiding deviations from the original budget.  It is flexible and responsive when it comes to plan changes on the part of the administration.  As time goes by, if modifications or extensions are needed, it can be performed really fast without damaging the materials.  The materials can be stored in a small space, or reused in another construction. It also allows for the disassembly and relocation of the construction in a fast and efficient way.

Ubuild is a good instrument to help manage investments in buildings that due to the nature of their use are likely to suffer changes that could render them unusable if they did not have Ubuilds ability of adapting to new circumstances. All of this with a high level of construction quality, which is often required by institutional architecture.


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