Ecological rectangular-plan wooden tiny house. Only one floor. On the inside, this ecological is divided into a daytime area and a nighttime area. The daytime area comprises the kitchen-dining room and a living area with a porch. The nighttime area  comprises a shared bathroom with a laundry-utility room and three bedrooms.  The master bedroom has a private bathroom.

Rectangular-plan prefabricated wooden tiny house. It has three floors. On the inside, this prefabricated wooden tiny house has plenty of space. One can go through it thanks to a staircase and a ramp, which connects the three floors. There is full visual communication.  On the ground floor, under the third level there is a small living area and a toilet. There is a central area with a kitchen-dining room, which stands out as part of this space. On the first floor, under the second one there is a multi-purpose low ceiling space. It can be used for storage, or as playground.  Climbing up one flight of stars, we get to the second floor. It is a living area, where you can fully appreciate the available indoor space. From there through the ramp, we get to the bedroom on the third floor.

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