Cotton LifeStyle chooses Ubuild to materialize some of its projects

Cotton LifeStyle is committed to promoting ecological, healthy activities that are integrated in the chosen places. Look for great versatility and a non-aggressive and environmentally friendly settlement. Easy to assemble, modify and disassemble, Ubuild is the embodiment of the ideas that Cotton LiffeStyle wants to carry out.

Enter Cotton Sustainable and you will discover an approach where nature, leisure, tourism, culture, planning, respect, development, landscape, environment, rural life …, imagination, go hand in hand. Give opportunity to natural spaces with totally respectful and reversible actions, to serve as an economic engine.

Cotton Sustainable wants to help rural people to live from the nature that surrounds them. That one’s own care and respect for the environment is rewarded with a peaceful way of life connected to the world. Giving economic value to the care of the natural environment is a guarantee of its maintenance, and a fairer distribution of opportunities. We have a nature that thousands of people who live in the city are wishing they could feel at least a few days throughout the year.