Seminar on Ubuild at the University School of Industrial Design at the University of La Coruña. Part 10

In part 10 we talk about the assembly of the O Soutiño house, the first house built with Ubuild. All the components of the house have already been manufactured. Manufacturing took a long time, as we took the opportunity to finish perfecting some aspects of the construction system. Now there is no going back, everything is ready and we can only put into practice all the concepts that have been developed in recent years.

Finally!, adrenaline runs through my blood. In theory everything is resolved. But until the house is completely assembled, we will not know if everything works as planned. Smaller constructions have been built so far, but this house is already a considerable size, and the structure has its complications. I have decided to participate in the montage as one more. I need to check in my own body that everything developed in my mind corresponds to reality. Manuel, the owner of the house, upon learning that I am going to participate in the assembly, tells me that he would like to be part of the team if possible. Luis and Ramón de la Carpintería Brión (great professionals!), Manuel (owner of the house) and myself (architect of the work), formed the team that assembled the first Ubuild home. We ended up tired, but important conclusions were drawn that have helped a lot in later works.