o soutiño prefabricated house, a look at the whole process (video)

At this point, we have prepared a video where you can see the assembly of the house until you reach the facilities, before starting with the interior finishes. We invite you to see it to quickly understand the entire construction process with the Ubuild system.

A really prefabricated and modular house

As you can see in the video, the house is a real meccano where all the elements fit with great precision. Beams, pillars, joists, floors, walls, roof, partition walls … everything has its reserved space in the structure to create a house of great constructive quality. A construction that gives us good interior comfort.

ability to adapt to changes in the outside environment

This house, being its wooden interior, helps to regulate the temperature and humidity of the spaces in a natural way. It also has a series of thermal regulation and air renewal systems, which allow it to react to external environmental changes. In this way, you can maintain a pleasant and constant interior environment without having to resort many times to the support of heating or air conditioning. It has great energy efficiency. To be continue…