prefabricated and ecological house, o soutiño part 1

building a ubuild construction. This is the first publicatiion of a series that takes places during the next weeks. We will demostrate all the process of the production and ensemblind of a ubuild house.

the ground

This house will be near Orense (Galicia, Spain) in a very beautiful and inspiring ground. We will start showing the characteristics of the place and its environment, and how this is the guideline for the position and the volume of the house, as well as the interior distribution and the  way to settle on the ground. We will show how positive elements of the place will be enhanced, at the same time diminishing the negative points that can substract of the environment.

production and mounting

We will show how the ground is prepared and how the base of  the ubuild house is made. In parallel we will show how the pieces of the house are produced. This process needs a milimetric precision in order to fit in all the pieces perfectly. We will show the wood mechanizing center, that will be used to produce the pieces, and how  they are moundted in the factory to make sure that everything fits in perfectly.

to live in nature

We will try to get the simbiosis between the future daily funtioning of the house and the life in the inmediate environment of the house. We will try  that the house is ecological with rain water and with grey water that the life in the house creates. The house will also have an active actitude with the exterior cold and  heat. The idea is to mantain a cozy ambient inside the house, in a sustainable way, spending minimun energy as nature collaborates with the building.

I hope tha all this is interesting for you. I also hope that many people who are not  professional in architecture and construction, will be aware of the possibilities that are offered by the new construction technology, and understand how a respecful and nature friendly focus can be  really comforting and practical . To be continued…