prefabricated house, o soutiño part 8

All the pieces of the house has been produced, now is time to move them to the property. In this first round we are just going to be moving the pieces that will create the outer part of it leaving the others for the second round.

Filling in the truck

All the components will be organized in groups depending on their use. On the one hand we have the structures that support the house in the air, on the other hand we have the beams, pillars, base boards, modules for the ventilated facade, boards for the floor and ceiling and windows. The isolation and glasses are already waiting in Ourense. Everything is organized a certain way so that when the montage starts, everything is handy and easy to find.

Arriving to the property

When arriving to the property, we have to empty the truck. We have to keep in mind what pieces are going to be used first and also the weight of them, so that the heaviest ones are closer to the actual montage.


In the picture above we can see all the pieces that will hold the house on the air since the stone base doesn’t go all the way until the edge of the house. We are going to leave it close to the foundation where we will start its construction.

In the picture above we can see the pieces for the ventilated facade. They are pretty heavy since this facade has a viroc ending. We will leave them as close to the future walls as possible.

Here we see the beams for the floor and the cover of the house with their corresponding codes to make the montage easier. The longer beams that we can see are the ones for the air part of the house, and we advice that they have any cut, in other words, just one piece.

Everything ready to start the montage

We already have all the pieces in the property. They have been placed depending on the order of use. The floor boards above and the ceiling boards under. The floor beams above and the ones for the cover under. The structures, the pieces for the ventilate facade and the base boards don’t need protection but the floor and ceiling boards are protected in case it rains.

Everything is ready to start the construction. Now is just time to wait for the weather to be good to be able to initiate this. To be continued…