The Hammock Tree in Zakynthos. A resort complex developed with Ubuild.

The studies of Alberto Corral and Novoa & Pardo are developing the project of an ecological tourist complex on a hillside on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea with the Ubuild construction system.

Ubuild allows the implementation of a series of tourist buildings on a beautiful hillside by the sea, without altering the terrain. All the buildings are supported by metal piles with zero impact on the ground. The constructions are assembled like a meccano, without the need for heavy machinery, respecting the existing topography and vegetation. The scale of the elements is taken care of so that the whole is integrated into the landscape.

Total autonomy is sought both in terms of energy, water capture, and recycling of waste, so that there are zero discharges to the natural space. The objective of this project is to respect and integrate into the environment and make rational use of the resources that nature offers us. For this we use the most advanced technologies that already allow us to set these objectives. We will show the different aspects of the project, as it develops.