Assembly of housing in Teo. Fourth day, Thursday.

Thursday, fourth day of assembly. We want to finish the interior of the facade and that the envelope of the entire house is ready to be protected in case of rain.

The first thing we do is introduce the interior facade modules. These modules have 15cm of rock wool insulation and the interior board already comes with the final finish that the different spaces will have.

These modules, when fitted between the beams and the pillars, create a 3cm air chamber. In addition, there are some spaces between the modules and the ground and between the interior façade modules themselves to carry facilities. These facilities will be hidden but accessible at all times.

The exterior carpentry of the facade always comes in blocks prepared to fit directly between the beams and the pillars. The carpentry can be made of wood, but it can also be made of PVC, as the price difference is noticeable in the final budget. In this house, PVC exterior carpentry is installed, and the windows facing south are incorporated with the external blind module.

By mid-afternoon we already have the facade finished on the outside and inside. We cannot assemble the three interior partitions yet because the shower is a special piece that has not yet arrived and that fits a couple of centimeters below the partitions of the bathroom.

In the upper and lower photo you can see the relationship that is created between the structure and the interior modules of the façade. It will be used when the finishes are made to incorporate indirect lighting that will start from the upper face of the modules.

While the facade is finished inside, a waterproofing sheet is placed on the outside that allows the wood to breathe so that condensation does not occur.

On top of this sheet, some fiber cement plates will be placed that will serve as a base for the placement of the curved tile. This house is located in a rural nucleus where it is mandatory that the roofs be gabled with a tile finish.

Now Thursday afternoon let’s stop and we won’t resume work until the plumber and electrician come. Then we will carry out all the interior finishes to leave the house ready to live.

Finally we leave two videos where the work done this fourth day is shown. We will continue later showing the final auctions.