Assembly of housing in Teo. Fifth day.

On this fifth day of assembly, all the interior partitions of the house will be placed. Once you have all the interior divisions, you can proceed with the electrical installation and finish the plumbing.

We had to wait several days for the shower to arrive as it has special dimensions. This waiting time has been used to make the plumbing and sanitation installation almost ready. In addition, the electricity and telecommunications panels have already been installed to continue with the installation once the interior partitions have been assembled. It begins by placing the partition that is aligned with the roof structure, as it is the easiest to stake out and the first to be fastened.

In the photo above you can see the shower and one of the bathroom partitions. The partition walls of the bathrooms come with HPL board, high density laminate, which are resistant to direct contact with water. The plumbing installations are prepared to be integrated into the partitions of the bathroom.

The partitions are fitted to each other and in turn are fixed by screws both to the floor and to the roof structure.

Once all the partitioning that is aligned with the roof structure has been placed, the partitioning modules begin to be placed perpendicular to it.

The partitions also fit into each other and as they are perpendicular to each other, all the interior partitions acquire great rigidity.

The client can choose between an infinite number of interior finishes, both in the interior modules of the façade and in the partitions. In this case, as can be seen, the client has opted for light finishes and a smooth texture.

Module by module they fit together and the interior spaces of the house are already being configured. As can be seen between the partitioning modules, there are vertical channels that are used to carry the electricity installation and to place the mechanisms.

Both the lower part of the partitions and the upper part can carry facilities. By screwing some partitions perpendicular to others, a high-strength interior block is formed.

At the end of the day, all the interior partitions are assembled, ready for the electrician to finish placing all the tubes. Then all the interior auctions of the house will begin.

Below we show a video where you can see the work done during this fifth day of assembly.